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Pickett’s Ginger Beer is the first all-natural, all-American craft ginger beer made with real ginger and available in bold and bolder – medium spicy and hot & spicy. Try it in ready-to-drink cans or mix-your-own syrups, in bottles and on the soda gun.




Pickett’s Ginger Beer was the vision of beverage industry pioneer Jim Pickett, who founded Pickett Brothers Beverage with his two brothers, Matt, a devoted pepperhead who’s currently running the company, and Bob, an award-winning brewer who installs and maintains beer lines throughout NYC.

A former bartender, Jim saw the emergence of ginger beer cocktails as an opportunity to provide bar managers with a product that would deliver a superior cocktail along with the functional advantage of a bag-in-box format. Pickett Brothers Beverage then created a syrup with the rise of home mixology. He also saw a broader market opportunity that other ginger beers, and the carbonated soft drink (CSD) category overall, were missing:  a high-quality, high-flavor, natural soda, and a top-shelf mixer made with cane sugar and real ginger for a clean, bold bite.

Jim passed away in 2018, a tragic loss for his family and the many others who knew and loved him, both personally and professionally. Pickett Brothers Beverage was founded because three brothers from Cleveland believed the world deserved a better ginger beer. Jim’s spirit – visionary storyteller, passionate creator, and especially, devoted husband, father and friend – continue on in the quality and commitment of what we do and why we do it. Our greatest hope is that you enjoy drinking it as much as we love making it.



Have it Your Way
Pickett’s Ginger Beer is built to kick up your cocktails or stand alone as a delicious soda, an “adult beverage” that’s all spice and no alcohol. If you want to control spice level and carbonation, choose the syrup; if you prefer to crack open a can and pour, we’re up for that too. Every format is available in medium spicy or hot & spicy.

16 oz. syrup: Every 16 oz. bottle yields eight 12 oz. bottles of ginger beer. Use your soda stream or any other bubbly water to mix your own.

12 oz. ready-to-drink cans: Buy them by the 4-pack for grab and go mixology or refreshment.

3 Gallon Bag-in-Box: Bag-in-box is beneficial to bar and restaurant owners on three fronts: having your ginger beer on the gun means no bulky bottles or cans to contend with; controlling volume means less waste; and it’s also more cost-effective.


So now we present Pickett Brothers Beverage, an all natural soda and syrup company based in Brooklyn, NY and Denver, CO.  We are focused on reinterpreting the flavors of your youth and reinventing your favorite cocktails with our attention to detail, knowledge of the industry, and dedication to quality in everything we do.

Sit back, relax, and have a cocktail or mocktail with us!

Jim, Bob, and Matt

The Pickett Brothers

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