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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Ginger Beer?

Ginger Beer was originally a brewed and fermented drink of ginger, spices and sugar. Sometimes producers retained a small amount of alcohol in the finished product.  This is where the term "BEER" relates. 

Ginger Beer is thought to have originated in the United Kingdom and also has a history of being extremely common and popular in the Carribean Islands.  It is also very popular combined with another staple of the islands - Rum.

Currently most Ginger Beers are produced as soft drinks and do not contain alcohol (just like Root Beer).  The flavor profile is typically rich ginger along with spice.


How is Ginger BEER different from Ginger ALE?

The early forms of each differed as brewed or fermented for Ginger Beer versus not for Ginger Ale.  The most common differences today: 1) Ginger Beer typically has richer, deeper, and more intense levels of Ginger flavor.  2) Ginger Beer typically has a very noticeable element of SPICE and Ginger Ale does not.  


How is Ginger Beer typically consumed?

Often it is simply enjoyed over ice as a flavorful refreshing soft drink.  Adding a squeeze of citrus (lemon, orange, or lime) is a nice complement to the ginger and spice notes.

Because of its bolder flavor and spice, Ginger Beer is also very popular as a mixer for cocktails.  It is a core ingredient in the classic vodka cocktail, the Moscow Mule and the classic rum drink, the Dark and Stormy.  It also pairs well with many other spirits including Bourbon, Rye, Scotch, Tequila, Mezcal, and Gin.  


How is Pickett's different from other Ginger Beer products?

First, our bottled products are made with 100% Natural ingredients and sweetened with cane sugar.  Other products can be made with high fructose corn syrup and artificial flavors and preservatives.

Also, as a concentrated syrup, our product can be used in ways that ready-to-drink sodas cannot.  There are lots of culinary and specialty beverage applications.

Lastly, we prefer stronger flavored spirits for our cocktails.  So we we ensured our recipe had the proper level of ginger and spice to balance properly with those spirits. 


Is Pickett's Gluten free?

Yes, we are an all natural gluten free product.


Is Pickett's GB Syrup Kosher?

Our Ginger Beer syrup is not formally certified as kosher.  It is an all-natural product that is currently produced in a facility that regularly produces Kosher certified concentrates.


Is it necessary to refrigerate Pickett's syrups?

When not yet opened, refrigeration is definitely not required.  After opening, we suggest NO refrigeration, as the sugars can separate at cold temps.  But if you choose to refrigerate and this happens, we suggest putting the bottle in warm water to melt the sugar again and then shaking it to remix it.


What is the shelf life of the Pickett's syrups?

Our bottled product has a "Best By" date that is 36 months from the date of creation.  After opening, it's not necessary to refrigerate.  We have personally used syrup that has been opened for 2 years+ and have had no issues.  30 months is our "safe" number, but the product should be good well beyond that date.  If anything, the taste quality will deteriorate before the actual product will.

Our Bag in Box format has a shelf-life of 30 months from the date of creation.  Our canned soda has a 30 month shelf life.


What is the "Bag in Box" format?

Bag in Box is a large volume container that is traditionally connected to high usage soda "Fountain" or "Gun" systems, used in bars and restaurants.  Think of it as similar to ordering a soda at a restaurant.  Our product mixes with the soda in the line and comes out fully charged and spiced!


How does the Bag in Box format work?

Soda system Bag in Boxes (BiBs) are typically filled with concentrated syrup.  The BiBs are connected to tubing that sends the syrup to a mixing device that blends it with carbonated water and makes ready-to-drink soft drink.  


How much finished soda does a Bag in Box yeild?

That all depends on the "soda water to syrup" mix ratio and amount of total syrup in the BiB.  Our BiBs are 5 gallons of syrup which yeild 3840 ounces of soda at our designed mix ratio of 5:1.


Is the Pickett's Bag in Box format also ALL NATURAL?

Currently it is not, due to a traditional soda preservative.  However, we do use natural cane sugar and all-natural ginger and spices, which is not common for Bag in Box.  We are working diligently to perfect a 100% all-natural recipe for bag in box, and think we are very close.


What kind of connection does the Bag in Box syrup use?

There are three types of Bag In Box connectors.  One type - which is typically RED, plastic and screw-on - is PROPRIETARY for Coca-Cola products ONLY, this will not work on our box but you can get an adapter that will connect to this.  The second type is a BLUE or GREEN screw on which is PROPRIETARY to Pepsi products only, again an adapter can be used. The final type is a UNIVERSAL connector - which is a GREY clip-on - typically works on ALL OTHER products.  Our boxes require the UNIVERSAL (non-coke or pepsi) connector.  IF YOU ARE ON A COKE SYSTEM, you can buy an adapter here: http://sodadispenserdepot.com/pics/Bib3500.html

Use for Pickett's: universal-grey.jpg    

Adapter for Coke system: universalcokeadaptersmall.jpg

Coke Only:coke-bib-connect.jpgPepsi Only:pepsibluesmall.jpg



Do you offer wholesale or discounted pricing for large orders?

Yes.  We work with both distributors and retailers.  We require proper documentation and re-sale IDs in order to do so.  Please call or email info3.jpg us for more information.


Can I purchase this product in a store?

Yes, Please refer to our "Where to Buy" page for locations nationwide.


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